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Supertech M8 Factory Helmet

  • Shell construction is optimized for best fit across the size range and is optimised for being lightweight while providing best possible protection.
  • Liner construction combines with shell and is formed with multi-density EPS polymer bringing helmet great impact absorption.
  • Energy absorption performance is improved by four section construction that has specific density of polymer on different zones on the lining.
  • Helmet incorporates a patented system allowing for exact tuning of the angle and height at which it sits on rider’s head.
  • Micro-adjustable pad connected to the inner shell makes raising or lowering the helmet fit also allowing tilting helmet forwards or backwards.
  • Helmet has a unique patented visor release system ensuring safe visor detach subjected to significant impact no matter the angle.
  • Base of the helmet has been sculpted to have relief section, where the bottom profile is raised to clear the collarbone (Clavicle). Also, incorporated into the area of the base pad, where it sits over the rider’s collarbone, is an energy absorbtion pad; a more flexible compound rubber section which allows deflection when it contacts the Clavicle.
  • Chin-bar is formed with polypropylene which allows degree of lateral deflection further improving collarbone impact protection.
  • MIPS is incorporated into the helmet providing reduction to rotational motion energy directed to the brain during crash further reducing chance of brain damage.
  • Post-crash safety features include the Emergency Release System(ERS) side cheek padding that can be removed while helmet is still on rider’s head to allow ease of removal, also the helmet’s crown can be fitted with “Eject” inflation system that allows helmet removal without putting load on the rider’s spine.
  • Chin-strap is produced with woven poly yarn and is wider than certification requirement(26mm) securely connecting with use of double D-ring.
  • Helmet has good ventilation due to the visor design that creates positive air flow into the helmet and exhaust ports.
  • Weight of S-M8 is 1300g for size Medium (ECE) – 1360g for size Medium (DOT).

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