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Tuff Jug 10L

The 10 liter Tuff Jug with its unique dry-break coupling is the perfect container to transport liquids in. It will enable a safe and non-drip filling of the vehicle and will also stop the filling action when the fuel tank is full. In fact you will be able to turn it upside down and no fuel will come out until you compress the nozzle. Very sturdy construction. Made square to maximize storage areas. Wide-mouth design for easy pouring of additives and observing fuel level when filling.

Special Features:

Pours 10 liters in under 19 seconds.
Fluids stop flowing after reaching the end of the spout automatically
Just pull up and the valve shuts off fluid flow
No vent to open and close or to leak when pouring
Stops over filling and prevents spilling
The nozzle of the Tuff-Jug is 36mm.